About Massage And Fitness Magazine

Started in 2014, Massage & Fitness Magazine focuses on helping both massage therapists worldwide and the public in clarifying research about pain, touch, and movement and how that could be applied in practice or personal life. We are not affiliated with any massage organizations, special interest groups, product- or modality-driven courses. 

We are an independent source of massage therapy information that aligns with science, humanities, and the public’s best interest.

Back then, these issues were released on an online magazine platform, and the each issue was available for purchase or subscription only.

Toward the end of 2019, we have decided to make all of our content public and 100% free. Instead of writing exclusively for professionals, we cater to the public who is interested in improving their health and wellness through massage therapy and exercise.

Massage & Fitness was founded by Nick Ng in San Diego, California, who is a certified massage therapist and a science journalist. To see our contributors, and their contributions to Massage and Fitness Magazine, visit our authors page.

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