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Who We Are Looking for

We are currently looking for writers who can write one of the following: informative, philosophical, scholarly. Each layer increases the complexity of a topic, which also provides further insight for both practitioners and the public.

Health And Fitness Writer Content Guidelines


These stories delve into the “why” of a topic, or “how does it work?” Why should this technique be applied for an acute hamstring strain? Why is a specific exercise chosen for strengthening the glutes? How does bacteria attribute to chronic pain?

These stories also should be simple and concise, getting to the point of the story without heavy jargon. It should be told in a narrative style, similar to science journalism.

Non-science articles, like law, ethics, and events, would also be in this category.


These stories, the most common ones we have so far, go deeper than Informative, oftentimes reviewing a research article and potential applications to practice. Think “Science Direct” and This is more for therapists who are curious about how things work and why and how could the information help their patients or clients better.

Examples would be: what does the existing evidence say about how well massage therapy is for treating chronic low back pain; summarize the scientific evidence on the nature of knee osteoarthritis; dissect of a systematic review of interval training for fat loss.

These articles can be a review or discussion of a single study. If possible, include the broader literature (what other research says) toward the end of the story if you are reviewing a single study.

Narratives are also welcome, but not as in detail as in the Informative section. It would depend on the topic, too.

Philosophical/Basic Science and Humanities

These stories focus on the foundations of science and humanities that are the basis of the BPS model of health. While they are potentially and not immediately applicable, this category focuses on “how to think” rather than “what to think or do.”

These explore broad topics and themes within not only in the philosophy of science, but also about education, epistemology, critical thinking, and similar topics. It does not always lead to actionable application, but it would change how you think about a specific topic.

Are You a Good Fit as an Online Content Writer With Massage & Fitness Magazine?

Your objective as a writer for Massage & Fitness Magazine is to create content that is “actionable” and “informative.”

As a writer with us, you create content that is informative and up-to-date to current science. While not all content is actionable—meaning something that can be applied the next day— you should try to make it so, depending on the topic.

Our audience is primarily massage therapists in the U.S. and Canada who are interested in the science and its potential application to help do their job better. Other professionals, such as physiotherapists, personal trainers, and other manual therapists are also part of our audience. There is also a growing number of the general public who are interested in massage therapy, pain management, and related topics, and your job is to also communicate with this population. Thus, your writings should have the public’s interest as well.

Avoid clickbaits and sensationalism of your story, especially in the title, such as “Top 10 exercises to burn belly fat” or “Top 5 ways massage can detoxify your body.” Topics must be grounded in science, humanities, and ethical journalism.

We use AP style and you must already be familiar with basic journalistic style of writing and/or English composition. You must also be able to meet deadlines and have clear communication with the editors about any issues you face while working on your story.

We want Massage & Fitness Magazine to be the most reliable source of information online about pain, touch, and exercise in relation to massage therapy.

Online Content Writing Jobs

We are looking for reliable freelance writers on a monthly basis with one story a month with a possibility to write two to three a month. If you are interested in working on something specific, please mention this in your application.

Please read a few of our stories to get a “feel” of our style and voice before applying. Here are a few samples to start:


How Similar Are the Different Types of Massage?



Indigenous People Get Back Pain Too; They Just Don’t Talk About It Much

Different Types of Stretching and Do You Need Them?



You will be provided with an outline to write and follow. Your job will be to answer the questions in the outline and write the content. Depending on the topic, we would ask that you provide an original photograph to accompany your story. No stock photos or “free” photos from Creative Commons images like those from Unsplash or Pixabay.


One year working as a journalist, preferably in science; or at least a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism.

If you do not have this requirement, you must have at least:

  • Two years of working as a massage therapist (LMT, RMT, CMT); or
  • Two years of working as a certified personal trainer; or
  • Two years of working as a physiotherapist or physician—and
  • Published at least two stories anywhere (e.g. newspaper, magazine, science journal, blog)


  • Write your own content based on the provided outline.
  • Able to meet deadlines.
  • Provide an original photograph taken by you for your feature story. No stock photography or “free pictures” from Wikipedia, Pixaby, Pinterest, and similar sources.
  • Collaborate with the editor on issues you face during your writing.
  • Edit your story based on the editor’s suggestions.
  • Share your published story on all of your social media platforms.
  • Did we mention about being able to meet deadlines?

IMPORTANT: Plagiarism will result in immediate termination of your assignment and association with Massage & Fitness Magazine.


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