Massage & Fitness Media Podcast 01 – Jason Erickson DNM Course in Israel

Jason Erickson shares his experience in teaching Dermoneuromodulation (DNM) in Jerusalem, Israel, in May 2019 before we discuss how he started teaching and why.

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Massage & Fitness Media Podcast 02 – Coffee, Snow, and Massage Therapy in Canada with Lee Kalpin

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Massage & Fitness Media – Episode 06 – Dr. Rachel Zoffness, Pain Psychologist & Scope of Practice

For manual therapists who wants to integrate the psychological aspect of the biopsychosocial model of health into their work, how could they do so without stepping over their scope of practice? Pain psychologist Rachel Zoffness from the University of California San Francisco gives us an understanding of what she does and what massage therapists and other manual therapists can do while being psychology-informed.

She is also running a summer pain workshop at: (STARTS Mon 6/22, runs for 6 weeks, 5-6:30pm PST, all are welcome and spots are still open!)

Pediatric workbook:

Adult workbook:

Intro music: “Down at the Salsa Club” from Free Stock Music.

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